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The engineering manager role explained

Explaining the engineering manager role is not a new subject. Nevertheless, the EM function is often defined differently depending on the company, its size, and even the market it operates. In this post, I offer my version of it, in an attempt to provide a new, valuable perspective. Fun fact: this is the first piece […]

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Conflict resolution: practical guide for leaders

In this post, I will discuss conflict in the workplace, its importance for a healthy team, and a few approaches to handling it successfully.
Conflict management is probably not the most exciting element of a manager’s job. Still, it is a big part of it and can not be left “for later”.

Conflict buildup is easy to sweep under the rug, yet there are some of the very evident consequences of doing that.

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Make your new recruiter work for you 🧑‍💻

Your team is growing, and hiring has to scale proportionally. It’s a great moment to consider adding some power to the team by getting a recruitment professional on board. It is also worth remembering that the recruiter is the face of your company in the talent pool. Often, the recruiter will be the only person candidates will come in contact with.

These are all very valid reasons to make sure your new recruiter works for you and truly helps strengthen the team

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4 Easy Steps For Better Onboarding 🏄

Onboarding process is a defining moment in how well a new colleague starts their journey in your organisation. Onboarding can be time-consuming and a bit hectic, especially if hiring is happening at a fast pace. Not having an efficient process may also quickly cripple people’s schedules

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